Virtual Services

Discover A Smarter Digital Event Platform

Coordinate Your Event from Anywhere in the World

At Eventsibles, we partner with clients to provide a cutting-edge virtual events platform that makes it easy to host digital meetings and events.

Our biggest priority at Eventsibles is to help clients plan and market their event to everyone, including attendees, vendors, investors, and industry partners. Eventsibles’ online registration service conveniently automates your event invitations, reminders, receipts, and invoices without the need for physical mailing.

Attendees can sign up at any time, and from anywhere in the world. We also provide group registration options so that one person can register and pay for the entire group’s attendance.

Flexible & Configurable

Thanks to state-of-the-art features, our digital platform maximizes the virtual environment’s flexibility and scalability, and supports Eventhub to provide you with the most satisfying event management benefits. Choose from the following options to design and fully decorate your virtual event:

  • Lobby

  • Exhibit hall & booth

  • Auditorium/theatre

  • Classroom

  • Networking lounge

  • Resource centre

  • High-impact background designs

  • Videowall

  • Custom branding

  • Help desk

  • Unique 3D designs

  • Info centre

  • Real-world photos and images

Keep Your Audience Engaged

Interactive layers and integrated features keep your event’s audience engaged with you and make your presentation memorable. Our goal is to enhance your attendee engagement with a variety of robust applications, including videos, webinars, group chats, social sharing, and more. Extra features include:

  • Live, simulate, or on-demand

  • Audio, webcam, or video with slides

  • Speaker bios & presentation resources

  • Polls, Q&A, feedback surveys

  • Whiteboarding

  • Screenshare

  • Presenter console

Leading Administrative Tools

Get access to various tools that allow you to create and handle your virtual environment thoroughly and efficiently. No matter which strategy you want to employ using these tools, the following options are available for your personalized digital platform:

  • General settings

  • Access & entitlement

  • Content libraries

  • Registration

  • Access to specific rooms

  • Tracking & metrics

  • Preview & publish

  • Room builder

  • accounts for sponsors or partners.

  • Representative & staff

  • Virtual builder for easy creation of rooms and spaces

  • Access to specific features and reports